With so many options available to us on how we live our lives, it is surprising how few options we have available to us (by law) when choosing how to end our lives. This is regarded as a controversial subject matter. Anyone who has been involved with friends or family suffering due to a terminal illness, this topic will probably have been talked about at some point. Dying with dignity is one of the most important ethical and moral questions/debates the UK still has left to answer.

Death is the absence of life. The saying “death is part of life” is to comfort the living, it is not life. However, the subject of death is usually a topic most will not want to talk about.


With the onset of twentieth century life-sustaining technology, concerns have been raised as to what and how society should care or intervene with the experience of the dying person.

The Brexit referendum was a model of inadequate information on the issues which meant that good debate couldn’t take place. Should a vote on euthanasia/assisted suicide be given to the public, this project’s main aim is to provide a useful point of reference. Explaining the history, where the law stands at the present time whilst breaking down the main arguments for those who oppose and support a change to the law.